Progressive Documentary
Photography Workshop

Edges Of The City

October/November 2011


Dearest Reader,
Edges Of The City has been the second and again brilliant experience of our Photowrap workshop.
This journey too has been full of exciting new stories produced by students from many different parts of the world.
We had the honour of receiving the wisdom of three very special "Special Guest Reviewers", photographer Helene Binet, Johanna Neurath from Thames & Hudson and Kate Edwards from The Guardian Weekend Magazine. They have contributed with heartfelt input giving their intelligent views on the students work and precious in-sights of the photographic industry.

The theme has been a tough one, but Sonia, Valerie, Richard, Mike, Del and Daniel have proven to be tougher than the task and full of passion towards this splendid practice of documentary photography.

Please take your time to look at the work of the new breed of Photowrappers, as I am extremely proud of what they achieved and I think that their stories could teach us something new.

Mimi Mollica