Progressive Documentary
Photography Workshop

The Ordinary

March 2011


Dearest Reader,
I am proud to introduce the outcome of the very first Photowrap experience, "The Ordinary"!

It's been a thrilling three-week adventure of intense work and dedication both from the students and myself.

During this workshop we have gone through the fundamental notions in photography and beyond, by debating and discussing on what makes a good photograph, how to compose a picture, building a photo-essay and more.

Many of the students had never worked on a story as such before their experience in Photowrap, and now they have been able to think, shoot and produce a series of photographs linked by one common theme, in this case The Ordinary.

Every-day things, common habits and places have been turned by the Photowrappers into extra-ordinary tales, by challenging what otherwise is perceived as "normal".

Through this journey, and with enormous efforts, the students have gradually built their own visual language, acquired a voice and sharpen their observation skills, while the introduction of three special guest reviewers, Sophie Howarth, Stephen McLaren and Frede Spencer has offered a unique chance for the workshop participants to share their work and thoughts with eminent figures of the industry.

Finally, I would like to sincerely thank:
Sophie Howarth, who welcomed the Photowrap idea and without whom we would not be here today, and I mean it!
Stephen Mclaren who has supported this project and helped me shaping it from the start.
Street Photography Now Project, from which the very first idea for Photowrap has been inspired.
My friend Graeme, who built our wonderful website and followed the creation of Photowrap since its beginning.
All the participants to "The Ordinary" who invested their efforts, time and love into this project.

And my Princess Elena whose love and support are plainly and simply out of proportions!!!

One Love