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Next Workshop: “POSSESSION”

To own or control something are only two literal definitions of Possession, which can have a much broader and multi-layered meaning. Sometimes to possess means to have power over someone or something, like in the case of a landlord holding an advantaged position towards a tenant or someone who measures his or her success with the amount of things s/he owns.

Often, love relationships are driven by a sense of possession towards the partner, which translates into obsessive jealousy or even into violence.

Things such as public spaces, objects, territory or authority and citizenship, or even copyright and identity are all things subject to the laws related to ownership and to the sense of possession, and are indeed continuously readdressed following the rapid changes in society.

Rich and poor; who has too much and who has too little; corporations acquiring land and businesses; families being evicted from their own property, the topic of possession spams from an extreme to its opposite.

The quest is to explore the theme of Possession in anyway you would interpret it, through a photo essay that can nail down your vision and approach with regards to what it means for you to own or to be owned.

Reach out and elaborate freely your views on possession! Photowrap will be your place to build something you’ll truly own!

Start date: 4th April 2013
End date: 24th April 2013

Special Guest Reviewers:
Helene Binet  Photographer
Tim Clark  Editor 1000 Words Magazine
Kate Edwards  Picture Editor for The Guardian Weekend Magazine


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